Queue Queue

(Puts on movie-trailer-guy voice)
On a regular afternoon, without warning, a vanquished enemy makes its return. And this time, its taking no prisoners.
THE QUEUE (subwoofers rumble)
What will you do? Where will you go? Do you really think you can just come home from work and log in to raid? You wil be stopped DEAD by...
THE QUEUE (subwoofers rumble louder)
Its back, its bigger than ever, and it won't go away. It won't leave you alone. It won't give you a chance, because this time, its serious.
(quick cuts from behind individuals that are in front of their computer monitors:
"Aw man"
"What the..."

Yes its back, and it seems to be practically everywhere. The login queue has returned. Its inbred brother too, the dreaded "Additional instances cannot be creater. Try again later."
Many folks in our guild zoom home from work, whip up some dinner and log on just in time to raid. Now they are lucky to get on a half hour after the raid has started. This sucks for them, and hurts the raids. Everyone is losing here.
Heck, I am the guild leader and raid leader, and had to miss a raid the other night because of the queue. I was late, the raid was full. Wouldn't have been fair to boot someone out just so my tardy big Tauren butt could have a spot.

So what's the deal here? Why the queues again so suddenly?

Some think the cause is lots of people off work and school for the holidays.
Some blame Christmas, based on the idea that tons of people got WoW.
There are also of course some wacky conspiracy theories, real tin foil hat stuff.
Others think its a combination of many factors.

Its interesting to note that for such a widespread issue, there has been no acknowledgement from Blizzard that there is even a problem, let alone any info on whether or not they are planning to do something about it.

What can we do about it? For now, about all we can really do is... queue queue.

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Queue Queue. Ba-dum tish!