Boomkin Bugs?

General Stuff
So, here we are a few weeks in to Wrath of the Lich King! It has been for Druids so far.

Let's see. We had a Bear with over 45k hitpoints tanking Hatefuls last night. A Boomkin was hitting 3600 DPS on the same fight. Resto is better than ever too. Man, its a good time to play a Druid.

Currently, our guild has 4 bosses left in Naxx. Seems like most of the guilds on the server that finished BT are at about the same point, or a little ahead.

Thats the state of other stuff. How about the state of Druids? I have spent most of the time since the expansion came out doing the Boomkin thing. And its good. Very, very good.

Why is it so good? Many reasons. There is good gear that supports the spec. The talents that make up the spec are very nicely done, best they have ever been. All those things and more make it a glorious time to be a Boomkin! And of course the two big bugs help too.

Huh? What two big bugs? What are you talking about? Boomkin seems to work fine. I have to agree, it does seem tobe working quite well. Especially with the two bugs working in our favor!

The Hit Bug
When was the last time you saw a spell miss? Really think about it for a second? Been a while hasn't it? How is your hit rating right now? Well, mine is sitting around 150, which is way way below hit cap. During a typical 3 hour raid in Naxx 25, I will usually see like 1 spell miss. No seriously, 1.
The Boomkin hit cap is a hard number. Depending on who you talk to, it is usually quoted as being around 350, with talents. Any less, and against raid bosses, you should be missing. At 150, you should a LOT. I don't. And neither do other Boomkins I have talked to.
What possible explanations are there for this? Maybe the Dranei racial is helping, but probably not since I play a Tauren. Talents help, but not enough to add up to 18% hit. Other players in the raid have stuff that helps too right? Again, not even close to 18%.
And the plot thickens! I soloed Ony the other day, who is a skull level boss. That means she is 3 level higher than you as far as hit goes. I missed a lot of spells, about what one would expect. So why there and not in Northrend? Your guess is as good as mine.
So Boomkin hit rating is wacked. Right now, you need very little in raids. I can dig it!

Starfire Crit Crit Crit Bug
I probably don't pay as much attention to damage meters as most do. I do keep an eye on them usually, see where people are at, where I am at, and that kind of stuff. Since I lead our raids, I need to, at least to an extent. But I don't five in to my own stats like I probably should.
During a heroic 5 man with a guildie who is much smarter with stats than I am, he asked me what my crit rating was at. I told him around 20%. Turns out that for the last 20 or 30 minutes, I had been around 70% crit on Starfire. Now I am not *completely* oblivious, it did seem like there were a lot of bouncing big numbers flying around my screen. But I hadn't really thought about it that much, since I was not doing the whole eclipse proc-watching thing.
I started checking my post-fight stats a bit more, and sure enough, my Starfire crit rating is 2-3 times what it should be. I checked Recount on our other Boomkin in raids a few times, same thing.
I am very upset about this massive oversight on Blizzard's part. Not.

Working As Intended
Probably not. Sure am going to miss these two bugs when they are gone, but for now, YEEEEEE HAAAAA!

Our glory days of free hit seem to be over. Misses have, sadly, returned to a casting rotation near you. The number most thrown around now seems to be 250-ish, assuming a Shadow Priest in the raid, without the Dranei racial.


Anonymous said...

Check your spec, some of the talents give some pretty massive crit chance to SF.

Hter said...

To be honest I haven't seen those bugs until now.