Swipe! Now with 50% More Threat!

A hotfix went in today that increases the threat generated by swipe by a whopping 50%!

Whoa. Didn't see that coming. And of course the QQing has begun in full force. I swear, if Blizzard decided to send everyone 100 gold for Christmas, to one character per account, there would be a massive QQ outcry.
Thats not fair to people who earned their gold the hard way! (translation: I am an elitist snob)
Hey! What about people that have like 35 alts? They got 3500 gold!!! (translation: I didn't read how it works, and am probably the guy in your raid who asks 'So wuts this guy do?' after the raid leader spent 5 minutes explaining the fight)
Some guy in our guild has 4 accounts. He got 400 gold. Thats not fair to me! (translation: I totally fail at the whole greater reward for greater effort concept, and am probably still angry that they won't give me a raise at work even though I slack off more than the rest of my department put together)
100 gold is a slap in the face! What am I going to do with a measly 100 gold? (translation: I am self-entitled ungrateful little worm who thinks everyone owes me something for just being me)

So back to the swipe buff! How can this be a bad thing? I see this as a win for everyone. DPS gets to unload AOE harder on big pulls. It hasn't been an issue on a lot of pulls in heroics, but I have been seeing AOE nukers getting unwanted attention on some AOE pulls in Naxx. It would probably be better for them to hold off a few seconds more of course, but heck, everyone is nuke happy! Even me! So, this is going to be a very cool change in raids.

One thing people are saying is that this will make Bears the best AOE tanks in the game, making Pallys and others obsolete. This is wrong. Swipe still only does 180 degrees. Pallys get 360, T-Clap does 360. DKs do amazing and strange things for full radius aggro too. Nobody is going to lose their job because of the swipe buff.

This is going to be awesome! I am hoping I can go Boomkin tonite instead of heal, in order to really stress out our Bear tank, I mean to see this in action.

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